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Recognition of professional qualifications in Finland

In Finland there are almost one hundred regulated professions that require training and work experience. Such professions include those of midwives, school teachers, chimney sweeps, artificial insemination technicians and auditors.The National Agency for Education has compiled a list of regulated professions in Finland.

For someone to practise a regulated profession the authorities have to recognise the professional qualification. The procedure for gaining recognition varies from profession to profession. It normally takes a few months. There is a charge for a decision on professional qualifications.

If your profession is regulated in Finland, apply to the relevant authority to have your professional qualification recognised. A European Professional Card (EPC) can facilitate recognition of your qualifications in the case of some professions. You will find more details and instructions concerning the recognition of your professional qualifications if you press the button ‘Go to services’. 

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    Updated: 8/15/2019