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Responsible for the service Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Operation supervisor of a boiler plant

  • Professional qualification
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

In addition to sufficient expert knowledge, certain operation supervisors of boiler plants must have a certificate of competence. A certificate of competence is required if the combined power of the boiler plant’s steam and hot-water boilers, which are to be registered, is over 1 MW or if their maximum allowed working pressure is over 10 bar.

There are five levels of competence certificates, ranging from B machine operator’s certificate to chief engineer’s certificate. The required certificate of competence is determined based on the pressure and power of the boiler plant’s boilers.

Do the following

Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy grants the certificate of competence upon application. Please attach

- certificates of employment that show the required work experience

- school, course or vocational degree certificates

- information about a possible previous certificate of competence

To whom and on what terms

You can apply for a certificate of competence from an audit body (Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy) approved by Tukes.

In order to be eligible for a certificate of competence, you must have

• work experience from boiler plants and

• vocational qualification in the field of power plants.

Engineers or persons with a M.Sc. (Tech.) who have studied boiler plants during their degree or have experience in using and maintaining boiler plants do not need a certificate of competence to work as an operation supervisor of a boiler plant.

A fee is charged for the service.

Fees for the certificates of competence are based on the valid price lists.

Basic information

Responsible for the serviceFinnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)
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Updated: 15/2/2022