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Unnecessary email notifications from Messages

Published 8/2/2021

On Monday morning, 2 August 2021, Messages has sent unnecessary e-mail notifications, even if there are no new messages.

Have you been a victim of identity theft or personal data leak? The Web Service now provides all the advice you need in one place

Published 5/19/2021

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency has launched a new information and service package in the Web Service to help citizens find o

Interruptions in the use of e-Authorizations on March 7th

Published 3/3/2021

Maintenance work causes short interruptions in the service. During the interruptions, it is not possible to grant and request mandates.

Have you been a victim of a personal data breach? will soon provide all the advice you need

Published 3/2/2021

The new service is aimed at people who have been the victim of identity theft or data breaches. e-Identification uses OP Identity Service Broker

Published 1/13/2021

In future, all identification will pass through the OP identification broker service. e-Identification introduces OP Corporate Bank authentication service

Published 12/16/2020

Identification will use the OP authentication service, through which all users are identified regardless of the user's bank relationship.

Check and update your personal data in Web Service

Published 12/15/2020

On the Personal data page of Web Service, you can log in to check what personal data has been recorded on you in the Population Information Web Service will have a maintenance break on Friday, 4th December 2020 at 7.00

Published 12/1/2020 Web Service will not be available on 4th December 2020 at 07.00 because of a maintenance break. The planned length of the break is minutes.

Use of Katso service will be discontinued – users must move to service

Published 11/23/2020

The use of the Katso service will be discontinued on 31 December 2020.

You can now block changes of address electronically as well

Published 10/29/2020

You can file a block on a notification of move through Messages