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Check Your Registered Data

Published 1/1/2020

The Check your personal data service is not yet in due to ongoing system change. e-Authorizations: Processing of errors caused by overlapping mandates is now easier

Published 10/18/2019

A new feature that will benefit especially accounting firms and other professional users was introduced in e-Authorizations. e-Identification: Danske Bank’s security cards will no longer be in use after 14 September

Published 9/12/2019

Danske Bank has announced that it will no longer use conventional code cards, or security cards, after 14 September. This also applies to e-Identification and all public administration services that use it for identification purposes.

Making acting on behalf of another party in social welfare e-services easier – a separate mandate code for social welfare

Published 8/22/2019

A separate e-services mandate code has now been specified for social welfare in e-Authorizations. With the new mandate code, allowing an assignee to act on behalf of another party is easy. The mandate code specifies the matters in which the assignee can act on behalf of the assignor. The mandate code has been jointly specified by the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Population Register Centre.

Over 10 million transactions using e-Authorizations to act on behalf of another party

Published 6/25/2019

During the beginning of this year (January to May) the amount of transactions on behalf of another party reached over 6.5 million, which is over 1.6 million transactions per month.

E-Authorisations make it easier to use pharmacy services on behalf of others

Published 6/13/2019

Your own proof of identity is now sufficient for collecting another person's prescription medicines from the pharmacy provided that you have received an e-Authorisation in the service. This change will particularly help with the daily life of families with children and those taking care of their spouse’s affairs. e-Authorizations user interface has been updated

Published 6/11/2019

The new user interface for e-Authorizations has been introduced on Tuesday 11 June.

Information on the selection of the place of treatment will be available in the Web Service

Published 5/9/2019

Content about choosing health services, published on the website, will be moved to the Web Service.

You can now find employment services that comply with the activation model from

Published 3/28/2019 explains how you satisfy the requirements of activation model.