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Use of Katso service will be discontinued – users must move to service

Published 8/26/2020

The use of the Katso service will be discontinued on 31 December 2020.

We are continuously improving access to Web Service

Published 8/13/2020

Providing optimum accessibility for every user is always the principle guiding the development of the Web Service.

Replacement of Katso roles with e-Authorizations mandate themes

Published 7/13/2020 e-Authorizations to replace the Katso service. A list has been compiled of key Katso roles and the corresponding mandate themes. e-Authorizations mandate service provided by officials is extremely busy at the moment

Published 7/2/2020

Because of holidays, e-Authorizations mandate service provided by officials is extremely busy at the moment.

Identification service for foreign citizens introduced in June

Published 6/11/2020

The foreign citizen identification service was introduced on 11 June. Web Service will have a maintenance break on Wednesday, 3 June

Published 6/1/2020 Web Service will not be available on Wednesday, 3 June from 16.00 to 19.00 because of a maintenance break.

Everything about corona for entrepreneurs

Published 5/28/2020

Find Federation of Finnish Enterprises’s information pack on corona at Web Service enables you to check your personal data recorded in the Population Information System

Published 5/11/2020

You will now find more detailed personal data when you log into the Registers section of

Information on the coronavirus

Published 4/3/2020

You can find information and instructions on the coronavirus THL's, Finnish goverment's and websites e-Authorisations: Authorise another person to pick up your prescription medicine for you

Published 3/17/2020

If you feel that you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home until you feel better. You can authorise another person to pick you for you online using Suo