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You can browse old news in the news archive. e-Authorizations mandate service provided by officials is extremely busy at the moment

Published 7/2/2020

Because of holidays, e-Authorizations mandate service provided by officials is extremely busy at the moment.

Identification service for foreign citizens introduced in June

Published 6/11/2020

The foreign citizen identification service was introduced on 11 June. Web Service will have a maintenance break on Wednesday, 3 June

Published 6/1/2020 Web Service will not be available on Wednesday, 3 June from 16.00 to 19.00 because of a maintenance break.

Everything about corona for entrepreneurs

Published 5/28/2020

Find Federation of Finnish Enterprises’s information pack on corona at Web Service enables you to check your personal data recorded in the Population Information System

Published 5/11/2020

You will now find more detailed personal data when you log into the Registers section of

Information on the coronavirus

Published 4/3/2020

You can find information and instructions on the coronavirus THL's, Finnish goverment's and websites e-Authorisations: Authorise another person to pick up your prescription medicine for you

Published 3/17/2020

If you feel that you have flu-like symptoms, stay at home until you feel better. You can authorise another person to pick you for you online using Suo

The authorities joined forces and compiled an information package for young people turning 18

Published 2/12/2020

The electronic information package gathers together all of the rights and obligations related to using official services that become the responsibilit