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Qualification of supervisors and operation managers of electrical works

  • Professional qualification
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

The supervisor of electrical works and the operation manager must have a certificate of qualification that authorises them to perform these duties. A qualification assessment body evaluates the qualification of supervisors and operation managers of electrical works and grants the certificate of qualification. The assessment body must grant the certificate of qualification to a person who meets the statutory requirements for electrical qualifications.

When granting certificates of qualification, the assessment body must comply with the requirements prescribed in the Act on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications. The assessment body may evaluate a person’s qualification on the basis of a foreign certificate of qualification or another similar document.

Do the following

To apply for an electrical qualification, please visit the website of Personal and Company Assessment Ltd SETI and apply electronically. Fill in your contact details and specify which qualification you are applying for. Next, scan the documents and certificates required for the qualification and attach them individually. A valid electrical safety certification belongs under section “electrical safety certificate”, school certificates required for the qualification belong under section “education, school and course certificates” and employment certificates under “employment certificates”. After you have attached all required documents, press “submit”, and the application is automatically sent to SETI’s processing system. You will receive a confirmation of receival by email.

To whom and on what terms

The certificates of electrical qualification are issued by Personal and Company Assessment Ltd SETI.

In order to be eligible for the certificate of qualification, you must have:

• suitable education in the electrical field

• suitable electrical working experience

• passed the electrical safety examination.

In addition to the electrical safety examination, the most common minimum requirements for the certificates of qualification are as follows:

• Electrical qualification 2, i.e. S2: applicable education, such as electrician’s basic degree, followed by three years of experience in work familiarising oneself with the building of electrical equipment and work supervision.

• Electrical qualification 3, i.e. S3: the education can be replaced by applicable work experience.

• Electrical qualification 1, i.e. S1: at least a technician’s or engineer’s training, and sufficiently extensive two-year work experience.

• Limited electrical qualification 1: senior electrician’s special professional degree and at least six years of work experience.

A fee is charged for the service.

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A valid electrical safety certification (certifications granted after 1 June 2010 are valid for 5 years)

Processing time

The standard application processing time is 2–4 weeks, 4–6 weeks during holiday times.

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