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Environmental responsibilities and obligations

Carrying environmental responsibility as well as social and economic responsibility is part of the company's sustainable operations. Your company is environmentally responsible when you recognise and manage the impacts of its activities on nature, the climate, human health and living conditions. 

Make sure that your company has the necessary permits for its activities and exercise care in environmental matters. Also, prevent the environmental impacts of your company’s activities and invest in environmentally friendly product design, taking the product’s entire life cycle into account. 

Corporate environmental management

The successful management of environmental matters requires systematic planning, control and monitoring.

Company waste management

Every company must be aware of the quantity and quality of the waste it generates and must organise waste management for their waste.

Chemical safety in a company

Keep track of any emissions and environmental hazards related to chemical use.

Efficient use of energy and materials

Your company’s energy and material procurements play a key role when you want to improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental load.