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Responsible for the service National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health

Licensing of a dentist (trained in Finland)

  • Professional qualification
  • Nationwide
  • Public service

In Finland, the profession of dentist is a licensed profession. Practise of the profession is restricted to licensed professionals. On application, Valvira grants licensing to practise the profession for health care professionals trained in Finland and in other countries and, once granted, enters the right to practise the profession in the nationwide register of health care professionals (Terhikki).

Do the following

An application is made to Valvira to practise the profession of a licensed health care professional. The application process varies according to the applicant's nationality and country of training.

Applicants trained in Finland:

The applicant completes an application form accompanied by an attested copy of their degree certificate and identification card or passport. An extract from the Population Information System will also be acceptable. An attested copy means a copy verified by a notary public. They work at register offices.

Valvira will send the decision and an invoice to the applicant via the iPosti service to the address listed in the Population Information Register.

You cannot apply for a European Professional Card.

To whom and on what terms

  • Completed degree in dentistry (obtained in Finland or elsewhere)

The following preconditions only apply to persons who are not nationals of an EU/EEA country

  • Adequate language skills; a certificate to show that the applicant has passed the State Administration Language Examination or the National Language Proficiency Test. The required level for the State Administration Language Examination is the satisfactory level, and for the National Language Proficiency Test, the intermediate level (levels 3 and 4).

An applicant without a Finnish personal identity number at the time of application must inform Valvira as soon as one is granted.

Applicants should check the websites of Valvira and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health at and and familiarise themselves with the guides prepared by the Ministry on the preparation and storage of patient records and on safe medication.

If an entrepreneur is established in another country within the European Economic Area and provides services in Finland on a temporary basis, the entrepreneur must clarify with the competent authority whether he or she is subject to licensing, notification or registering.

A fee is charged for the service.

Licensing decision, EUR 100 + postage.


After graduation, a person may work for thirty days under student rights, provided that the studies commenced less than ten years ago.

Processing time

5 - 10 working days from the receipt of the application. Incomplete applications cause delays in the handling process.

Period of validity

The licence is valid until further notice.

Background information

Basic information

The service is provided byNational Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health
Responsible for the serviceNational Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health
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Updated: 2/10/2020