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How the shareholders in a forestry partnership, an agricultural partnership or a real estate partnerhip grant mandates jointly

The shareholders of a tax partnership, i.e. a forest partnership, agricultural partnership or real estate partnership, can grant their partnership’s mandates jointly.

The mandates are granted in the same manner as in the granting of mandates alone but the mandates must be jointly validated by all shareholders. Instructions for granting mandates alone

Any of the shareholders can initiate the granting of mandates by selecting Company’s mandates as the service role. 

  1. The initiator provides the mandate details in e-Authorizations. The initiator can also add themselves as an assignee. 
  2. All shareholders are automatically added as validators.
  3. The initiator validates the mandates on their part when providing the mandate details.
  4. After this, the other validators can see a notification of the mandates to be validated when they identify themselves into e-Authorizations and select Company’s mandates as the service role and the tax partnership acting as the assignor.
  5. All validators must validate the mandates on their part before they take effect. Mandates that have not yet been validated will be displayed in e-Authorizations for a period of six months after which they will be removed.

On the To be validated by you page, the validators can also see the mandates waiting for their validation. On the To be validated by others page, the initiator and the other validators can see the mandates waiting to be validated by others. When you click the name of the party, you can see the party’s mandates waiting to be validated and you can follow the validation of individual mandates by opening the mandate theme in question.

Note that if there are shareholders without a Finnish personal identity code, or the shareholder is another partnership or a deceased person’s estate, or if one of the partners or stakeholders is a minor, no validators can be added and granting mandates independently is not possible. In these cases the mandates can be registered on the basis of an application. Go to the authorisation with an application

Please also note that 

  • the initiator should notify the other validators of a pending mandate, as other validators will only receive a notification of the pending mandate if they have activated Messages
  • mandates that are to be validated jointly are only visible in e-Authorizations if the partnership has mandates that are pending validation by the partners.

Updated: 14/2/2024