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Making a mandate request as an organisation

In e-Authorizations, on organisation’s behalf, mandates for transactions can be requested by

  • the managing director or deputy managing director of a company
  • a person entitled to represent a company, association or other organisation alone
  • a board member of a company entered in the Finnish Trade Register 
  • an authorised person of a limited liability company or a cooperative entered in the Trade Register
  • a partner in a general partnership or a responsible partner in a limited partnership
  • a private trader, an agricultural operator and a forestry operator
  • a person who has been granted the representative’s right to grant a mandate in e-Authorizations.

You must use your personal identification tokens to identify yourself in e-Authorizations. This means that you can only request mandates if the person representing the assignor

  • has a Finnish personal identity code and uses online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card
  • has a valid and confirmed foreigner’s identifier (UID) and uses the Finnish Authenticator application. The person in question must also have a valid representative’s right to grant a mandate.

The mandate request will only become a valid mandate after it has been approved by the party receiving it. After this, the assignee can manage the assignor’s matters in the services that have allowed acting on behalf of another party with a mandate.

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Updated: 8/12/2022