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Acting on behalf of an organisation

Many authorities and other organisations use e-Authorizations in their own services for acting on behalf of a company, association or other organisation. Each e-service (e.g., MyTax) independently determines which roles authorising representation or what kind of mandates people need for carrying out transactions in the service. For more detailed information on acting on behalf of another party, see the services' own instructions or contact their customer service.

If it is not possible to use the service based on register data, the company, association or other organisation may authorise a person, company, association or other organisation to carry out transactions on its behalf. 

For instructions on granting mandates, see the Granting mandates as an organisation page.

When you wish to act on behalf of a company, association or other organisation, the e-service will use e-Authorizations to check your authorisations from

  • the general registers (Trade Register, Business Information System and Register of Associations)
  • the authorisation register (authorisations granted in e-Authorizations).

Sometimes you do not have the right to carry out transactions, or the matter cannot be reliably checked from register data. For reasons related to data protection, only information on whether transactions are possible or not is given to the e-service. Transactions may be prevented due to, for example, a business prohibition.

Updated: 8/12/2022

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