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Granting mandates as an organisation

In e-Authorizations, an organisation may authorise a person or other organisation to act on its behalf. A mandate may also be of the type a right to grant a mandate or a representative's right to grant a mandate, in which case the assignee may manage the mandates that the organisation grants to others in e-Authorizations.

You must use your personal identification tokens to identify yourself in e-Authorizations. Authorising is therefore possible only if the person representing the assignor has

  • a Finnish personal identity code and uses online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.
  • a valid and confirmed Foreigner’s identifier (UID) and uses the Finnish Authenticator application. In addition, they must have a valid right to grant a mandate or a representative’s right to grant a mandate. 

A person or other organisation may also request for a mandate for transactions from an organisation, in which case the mandate is granted by approving a mandate request.

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Updated: 17/6/2024

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