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Authorisation with an application

A mandate is an electronic power of attorney, the details of which are entered in the authorisation register. A mandate can be registered on the basis of an application if you or your company or organisation cannot authorise yourselves in e-Authorizations. The time required for processing an application is 2–3 weeks from the date on which the application was received.

Who can authorise with an application?

An application can be used for te authorisation if the assignor is one of the following:

  • An organisation that does not have representatives recorded in a register (e.g. public authorities, municipalities, parishes, educational institutions, foundations, partnerships and deceased persons’ estates with a business ID)
  • Finnish company for which no managing director, persons entitled to represent the company or board members have been entered in the Trade Register
  • A foreign company that has not been registered in Finland or whose representatives’ Finnish personal identity code has not been recorded in the Trade Register
  • An association with no persons entitled to represent the association alone. Check the rules of representations entered in the registers of associations from the PRH association register before submitting the application, as the association can probably grant mandates in e-Authorizations.
  • A person or a private entrepreneur who does not have personal identification tokens for electronic services or who cannot or does not know how to use electronic services
  • A person without a Finnish personal identity code

If the assignor is someone else, the mandate can, with a few exceptions, be granted or invalidates by the assignor himself or herself in e-Authorizations.

Instructions for submitting the application

If you do not know what information and documents you need for the application, find this out from the instructions for submitting the application. You will get detailed instructions based on your selections. You will also receive a list of the documents that you must attach to the application.

Instructions for your application

Depending on the assignor, the application can be sent electronically or by post or it can be brought to a service location.

Complete an application for the registration of a mandate

The mandate application must describe the content of the authorisation. When you have filled in the information required for the application, you must sign the application and submit it and its attachments for processing.

Complete a mandate application

Before filling in the application, familiarise yourself with the instructions for the e-service in which the mandate is to be used. You can also see the available mandate themes in

Request the invalidation of a mandate

In a mandate invalidation application, you must determine the assignees from whom you want to remove the granted mandates. Note that as a result of the application, all mandates granted to the selected assignees will be removed at the same time. When you have filled in the information required for the application, you must sign the application and submit it and its attachments for processing.

Complete an invalidation application

Your applications

If you have completed the application while identified in, you can see your incomplete applications on this page. You can also supplement the application and send it electronically.