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Pensioners - learning materials


Read the website section on Retirement and answer the given questions. 

1. When can you be paid an old-age pension?  

2. At what age can you receive a partial old-age pension at the earliest? 

  • a) 55 
  • b) 61 
  • c) 65 

3. You want to continue working even though you are already on an old-age pension. Will your salary or entrepreneur income affect the amount of pension you receive?  

Pension amount and taxes

4. How is an earnings-related pension earned?  

  • a) The payment of income tax; 
  • b) The payment of earnings-related pension contributions 
  • c) With one’s own paid work 

5. Who pays national pensions? 

  • a) Municipalities 
  • b) Kela 
  • c) TE Office 

6. When can you be paid a disability pension? 

  • a) You have performed very heavy physical work 
  • b) You are incapacitated and your condition does not improve during rehabilitation 
  • c) You have been unemployed for more than five years 

Advanced section 

Search online for  Kela's brochure "Pensions and other pension recipient subsidies" (search words: Kela + pensions + guide) and answer the given questions based on the guide.  

7. What is the most common pension? 

  • a) National pension 
  • b) Earnings-related pension 
  • c) Guarantee pension 

8. Which of the following statements is true? 

Kela pays earnings-related pensions 

  • a) The full amount of the national pension is approximately EUR 665 
  • b) A spouse's income will reduce a person’s national pension 
  • c) You can receive a national pension even if your other pensions are very large 

9. Using e.g. the tyoelake.fiOpens in a new window. website, find out the lowest age of retirement for the following persons 

  • a) A welder born in 1953 
  • b) A teacher born in 1961 
  • c) A judge born in 1983 

Updated: 17/8/2022