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The learning materials on the website

The learning materials on the website have been specifically designed for the teaching of social studies in higher comprehensive schools. The materials correspond to the contents and objectives of the curriculum for social studies. The materials also contain a cross-subject perspective. Some of the assignments are traditional classroom assignments while others are more extensive project entities. Many assignments are also easily applicable to secondary school students.

The materials help young people learn to use appropriate and reliable sources when they look for information on the services provided by authorities as well as on their rights and obligations. The Web Service is a continuously evolving and actively maintained official website the use of which can be considered a modern civic skill.

As a teacher, you can pick the assignments that suit your needs and transfer them to your school's learning platform. This way, the pupils work on a familiar platform, but the instructions or links to the assignments prompt them to search for information in the Web Service. Some of the assignments also utilise the pupils’ own textbooks or other online services. Each assignment starts with a description of the assignment, OPS content and target areas, and a time estimate for the assignment.

You can customise assignments to suit your needs and use them in your teaching as you see fit! 

Updated: 16/8/2022