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In the assignment, each group brainstorms their own company that produces a service or products. The presentation can be implemented either as a slide show (PowerPoint, Prezi or similar) or can be made by hand, or as a combination of these.  

The students' imaginary companies can be either concrete and based on the right competence or, if the teacher allows it, be completely imaginary. Why can't a company produce school backpacks that ensure you never forget anything at home? 

1. Familiarise yourself with the business concept in groups on the Business concept - page. For five minutes, think about different business ideas - what kind of products could you produce or what kind of services could you offer. Let your imagination flow! 

2. Compile two categories of group business concepts on the board: services and products. 

3. Each group selects a company concept and starts refining the business concept based on it. See the   for instructions on how to identify a good business concept: Business concept -, sections "Business concept" and "How can I identify a good business concept". Consider at least what the company will offer, to whom the products or services will be offered and how you will manage the sales. 

 4. When the team has planned a product/service to sell, and come up with the customer group and sales channel, it is time to start making the slide series. First, tell about your business concept and your product/service.  

5. Design your company's logo and the appearance of your products. Please also use these in your group work. 

6. Familiarise yourself with sections 1-3 of the Checklist for start-up entrepreneurs - page and continue editing the slides accordingly. What skills should you have as entrepreneurs in your field? Explain your business plan.  

Once the group assignments have been presented to the class, you can organise a playful vote:  

  • Which was the best slide show?  
  • Which was the best oral presentation?  
  • Which of the companies would be most successful in real life?  
  • Which company would you probably be a customer of?  
  • Which company would you like to work for?  
  • Could you come up with suggestions for improving a business concept?

Updated: 18/8/2022

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