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As an EU citizen - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • OPS content and target areas: EU citizens' rights and free movement (T7) The task assignment also serves for the review or learning the basics of financial management skills. (S2) Application of social information.
  • The assignment can be implemented as either a small information search assignment or it can be expanded to a poster assignment by including section 4. The assignment concerns studying or working in the EU area, so it is also suitable for student counselling lessons! Work in pairs or small groups.
  • Time estimate 2–3 lessons.

Emigration and living abroad

Choose an EU country where you could think of moving to for work or studies. 

1. First, make a travel plan for your destination country. Check online with flight searches to see how much return flights to the destination country would cost? Compare different travel times; do the prices differ, for example, on different days of the week? And what kind of instructions can you find for renting an apartment in that country?

Read the pages Migration in the web service and the Your Europe portal.

2. Find general instructions for moving to another EU country temporarily: 

  • What travel documents do you need when travelling to another EU country?
  • How long a stay in another country must be reported to Kela in Finland?
  • Is a Finnish driving licence valid in the destination country?
  • Do you need to register your stay in the destination country with the authorities? Where is this done?
  • What should be taken into account in the tuition fees of higher education institutions?
  • Do you need a work permit to work in another EU country?
  • If you fall ill unexpectedly while residing in another EU country, will you receive treatment and under what conditions?

3. Check your own textbook to see what EU citizens' rights are! What do the terms “free movement” and “Schengen area” mean?

4. Based on the information you have found, create a small poster titled "Studies or work in France/Estonia/Austria (or another destination of your choice)”.

Updated: 24/8/2023

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