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Public services and e-services - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • Assignments related to e-services help pupils learn about various official services and identification into the services. Managing one's own affairs requires the ability to safely use various electronic services and search for reliable data. Hardly any pupils in upper comprehensive have an e-identifiers yet, but the matter will soon be topical for them. The assignment is suitable to be completed in pairs as a classroom assignment, but the assignment can also be converted into independent work!
  • OPS content and target areas: The assignment is linked to many content and target areas in social studies and is suitable as a starting assignment for certain topics or the entire course! Life management and coping in everyday life (S1), Financial activities (S4), Adopting knowledge and skills required in society, using and applying societal information. The assignments also support the development of broad-based competence and skills!
  • Time estimate is 1 - 2 lessons.

1. Work in pair, and think up and list the situations in which a young person may need the following official services. Invent situations that are as realistic as possible!

  • a) Tax Administration MyTax
  • b) MY KANTA pages
  • c) Kela
  • d) EDUFI Study Path
  • e) Digital and Population Data Services Agency
  • f)

If the authority is unknown to you, check the services available on the authority's website!

After working in pairs, the students combine the situations invented by the class. Which authorities and services are already familiar? Which authorities provide clear and easy to access electronic services? Which seem more complicated? 

2.  Continue working in pairs!

  • a)Next, find out what different options are available for electronic identification or so-called strong identification in Finland? Explore the options on page Strong identification for e-services.
  • b) Why, for example, is a self-created login profile or identification with a phone number not sufficient for logging in to the authorities' electronic services?
  • c) On your bank's website, search for how to activate the bank's e-identification? Can a minor use e-identifiers?
  • d) Create an instruction table on how to avoid online scams! Use the page Information security as a basis!

In-depth assignment:

e) Search for the latest news about online scams on a news website, such as Yle News. How have the scammer’s operated? Why have some people taken the scammer’s bait? Present the cases you found!

3. Read the Information on e-Authorizations on the website. 

a) What does authorisation mean? How do you make a power of attorney?

b) In what kinds of situations could you authorise someone close to you to handle your affairs? Come up with an example!

c) Can the authorisation be cancelled?

Updated: 18/8/2022