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In, you can find printable and electronic forms of central and local government bodies and other organisations.

If there is a form related to the service, you will find it in connection with the details of the service. You can also use search words to look for forms.

How to use search words to look for forms:

  1. Write a word or words that describe the content of the form in the search field. For example, you can use the name of the organisation or the form, the number of the form or other words describing the content, such as “start-up grant”, as search words.
  2. Narrow the list down to forms and e-services. All printable and electronic forms and electronic services will be displayed in the list.
  3. If necessary, narrow the list down according to whether you are looking for forms intended for private individuals or companies.
  4. Narrow the list down according to municipality if you want the forms that apply to a specific municipality.
  5. You will see all forms and e-services that match your search words and the filters you have chosen.

Please note that 

  • all forms cannot be found in because the organisations responsible for the forms have not entered them to
  • the organisation responsible for the service may also have decided not to use a form. In that case, the organisation probably wants you to deal with the matter by using the organisation’s own electronic service (such as Tax Administration’s MyTax).

You can send feedback to us if you cannot find the right form.

See all printable forms and e-services available in in English.

Updated: 4/3/2024