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Illness and working life - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • The assignment is suitable as a classroom assignment, and it can be completed either alone or in pairs.
  • OPS content and target areas: To guide the pupil to deepen and maintain their knowledge of society (T4), learn about an individual’s rights and obligations and discuss the promotion of their own wellbeing and safety as well as that of local communities, such as families (S2).
  • Time estimate 15 minutes.

Illness and working life

In your group, discuss how your educational institution deals with sick leave. 

  • a) Who must you or your parents notify if you are ill during school? 
  • b) How are school assignments organised during an illness? 
  • c) If necessary, can you get help with these when you return to school?

Next, find out how things are handled in working life.  

Read page Illness and employment relationship and answer to the following questions.

  • a) Who notifies the employer of an employee's illness?
  • b) Will you get paid for the period you are on sick leave?
  • c) Can you lose a job due to an illness?

Updated: 17/8/2022