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You as an influencer - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • The assignment is suitable as a classroom assignment, and it can be completed either alone or in pairs.
  • OPS content and target areas: To encourage pupils to learn basic skills in democratic activities (T7), to focus on the principles and operating methods of democratic society and the rule of law, and to channel opinions to the activities and decision-making of individuals, organisations, the media and public authorities in Finland and internationally (S2), to learn about different channels and means of societal influence. Pupils practise the skills needed for civic participation, in working life and in financial activities by organising genuine events for active, responsible and constructive cooperation and influence in the everyday life of the school also in cooperation with parties outside the school (S3).
  • Time estimate 20–30 minutes.

You as an influencer

A minor can influence issues in their local environment and also in Finland as a whole.  

1. Compile a list of things you would like to influence. Share a list of things you would like to influence in your local environment and things you would like to influence at the national level - or even beyond Finland.  

2. Read more about the section Youth and civic activity on the web service. 

  • On the basis of the website, make a list of ways in which you can influence things that interest you. Put the means into the figure below so that the inner circle becomes a means that affects your immediate surroundings, the next one that has a slightly wider impact, etc.  

3. Combine the two previous sections by adding an one point from your first list on things you want to influence next to the means of exerting influence. 

Updated: 18/8/2022