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Criminal proceedings - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • During the assignment pupils learn about the justice process and Finland’s legal system. The aim is to give pupils in-depth information on legal proceedings and, for example, on testifying in court. The assignment is designed to be a classroom assignment, but it can also be an assessed module if in-depth questions are added. The last part of the assignment is to write a short essay on the criminal law process. If you want the assignment to be an assessed module, you can use a textbook to expand this essay question.
  • OPS content and target areas: The assignment is related to the final assessment criterion T3. The pupil gains a deeper knowledge of the Finnish legal system and their rights in court proceedings.
  • Time estimate 30–90 minutes, depending on the length of the essay.

Criminal proceedings 

Read the instructions for the criminal justice process on the web service. Answer the questions based on the information on the website.

1. If you receive an invitation to testify, will you be obliged to attend the court hearing? 

  • a) Yes 
  • b) No 

2. In which of the following situations must you testify in court: 

  • a) You're charged with a crime. Do you have to testify against yourself? Yes / No 
  • b) Your loved one is charged with a crime. Do you have to testify against them? Yes / No 
  • c) You've witnessed a robbery and seen the perpetrator. Do you have to testify about this in court? Yes / No 

3. Who should you report an offence to?  

  • a) The police 
  • b) The Prosecutor 
  • c) A municipal authority 

4. Who is an offence transferred to after a pre-trial investigation by the police? 

5. Physical assaults and sexual offences are deemed offences subject to public prosecution. What does this mean? 

Advanced section 

Pair up and discuss the Finnish law concerning the obligation to testify. In what situations is it not necessary to testify in court? Do you think that Finnish practice is a good one? Please give reasons for your answer. 


6. Which of these are part of Finland’s judiciary? 

7. Courts are independent in Finland. What does this mean? 

8. What are General Courts? 

9. What cases are heard in administrative courts? 

10. What are special courts?

In-depth question

Write about a text around 1,000–1,500 characters in length on the Finnish criminal law process. Review as closely as possible how an offence progresses from pre-trial investigation to court. Use the material on the web service. In addition, you can use, the paragraphs in your textbook that deal with the Finnish judicial system. 

Updated: 18/8/2022