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Elections in Finland - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • The assignment is suitable as a classroom assignment and can also be assigned as homework.
  • OPS content and target areas: To encourage pupils to learn basic skills in democratic activities (T7), to focus on the principles and operating methods of democratic society and the rule of law (S2), to learn about different channels and means of societal influence (S3).
  • Time estimate 20–30 minutes.

Elections in Finland

When you are of age, you can influence Finnish affairs by voting.  

Search for information on the Right to influence society page. Create and complete the table.

Place the following questions on the left side of the vertical column of the table: 

  • Who are entitled to vote?  
  • How many electoral districts is Finland divided into?  
  • What's your electoral district?  
  • Who are elected?  
  • How many representatives will be elected from your electoral district/ in total?  
  • How often are elections held?  
  • Tick the appropriate box: What will be the next election held in Finland?  
  • Tick the appropriate box: What are the first elections in which you will be able to vote?  

Place the following options on the first line at the top of the table:

  • Municipal elections  
  • Regional elections  
  • Parliamentary elections  
  • Presidential elections  
  • European Parliament elections  

Updated: 18/8/2022