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Examples of things you can complain about

The following are examples of complaints that people have made.

  • The handling of an application for social assistance took longer than is permitted under the law, and as a result the applicant had serious difficulties.
  • In a municipal day-care centre, the number of people working on shifts was often less than what the law requires. A municipality had not taken action quickly enough to hire more workers when it did not have enough staff.
  • A central government authority had lost some of the documents sent in by a citizen, and the citizen believed they had been careless.
  • A local executive had made a decision in a matter in which one of its members could benefit financially. The meeting should have noted that this member could not take part in making the decision, but it had not done so.
  • An authority had refused to help a person with making an application, saying that they were too busy, even if the person needed and asked for help. The authority had then rejected the application and said it had not been filled in right.
  • A parking warden had given a ticket to a driver in a place where roadworks made it impossible to see the no parking sign.
  • Prison authorities had opened and read a letter that a prisoner had sent to a newspaper, even if freedom of speech is a fundamental right and prisoners have the same right to it as anyone else.
  • Home service workers who visited an older person's home had not noticed that the food brought to the person had often been left untouched, and the person was not getting enough to eat.
  • A teacher had order a pupil who had not behaved in class to spend breaks inside for several weeks. The pupil’s guardian felt this was an unreasonable punishment and against the Basic Education Act.
  • A person felt the police had asked them questions and wanted to see their ID because they belong to an ethnic minority.
  • The police had used too much force when catching a person, causing this person pain and suffering.

Updated: 30/6/2017