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Security and public order

Always phone the emergency number 112 in urgent emergency cases. 

Once you have made an emergency call, the emergency switchboard will transfer your call to the police, rescue services, border guards or paramedics.

If you own a property you must take care of the safety of your building. A professional should sweep the fireplaces and flues in your building regularly. You should be prepared for exceptional circumstances by having some reserve supplies in your house. 

The police maintain public order and safety in public places. Public meetings and demonstrations must be notified to the police. The police also deal with permits and licences for firearms and deal with lost and found goods when necessary.

Finnish men have an obligation for national service. Women may apply for voluntary military service.


If necessary, take contact with the police regarding public events and firearms permits and licences.

Safety at home

Take care of your building’s safety yourself and ask a professional to sweep the fireplaces and flues regularly.

What to do in an emergency

Call 112 if someone's life, health, property or the environment are in danger. Only end the call, when the operator gives you permission to do so.


All Finnish men aged 18 are obliged to do military service or non-military national service. Women may apply to the voluntary national service.

Information security

Information security means that your data can only be used and changed by parties specifically authorised to do so.