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Safety at home

If you own a property you must take care of the safety of your building. You have an obligation to ensure that a professional sweeps the fireplaces and flues in the property regularly. You should also be prepared for a situation in which everyday events are disrupted because of an accident of some exceptional circumstances.

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Self-assessment of fire safety

Take care of the safety of any building you own. Answer the questions on the form the authorities sent you and fix any fire safety deficiencies.

Chimney sweeping

The owner of a building, or the person responsible for it, must ensure that the fireplaces and flues in the property are swept regularly.

Rescue plan for residential property

A rescue plan must be made for a residential building with at least three residential units. The owner of the property is responsible for the plan.

Preparing for exceptional situations

Everyday life can be disrupted by an accident or exceptional circumstances so you should always keep a few more necessities at home than you need.