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How do I make a complaint

If you think that an authority has acted against the law, you should first tell this to the authority directly. If this does not help, ask the authority who you can complain to. Make your complaint as soon as possible. As a rule, matters that are older than two years are no longer handled.

The body that receives complaints often offers an online form. You should fill in all the mandatory parts of the form carefully and send in all the attachment listed in the instructions.

You can also make a complaint in your own words.

You should include in a complaint

  • your name and address
  • your telephone number and your e-mail address, if you have one
  • the name of the person or the authority whose actions you are unhappy with.

In your complaint, reply to the following questions:

  • What is the matter about? Which office holder or authority do you think has acted wrongly or even against the law? Where, when and how did this happen?
  • Why do you think it was wrong or against the law?
  • Have you already tried to get it sorted by contacting some other authority? Is a court case going on? Have your made a report of an offence to the police?
  • What documents or other material do you have to show that your view is right? Are there any other authorities or persons who can give more information about the matter if necessary?

You should attach to the complaint copies of documents and, for example, recordings or videos that could be important for handling the complaint. Follow the instructions for the types of files you can use and the way you need to send them. The complaint will be handled faster if you send in all the attachments that are needed from the start.

A complaint will not be handled unless you put your name in it.

Updated: 27/10/2022