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National defence is everyone’s duty

Finnish men have an obligation for military service (conscription). In March–April, all Finnish men aged 18 receive a call-up notice from the Finnish Defence Forces, which shows the date and place of the call-up event. Women can apply for voluntary military serviceOpens in a new window. in the year they turn 18.

Before the call-upsOpens in a new window., it is important to respond to the questionnaire sent by the Defence Forces, as it affects the selection of your service location and thus your future service task, among other things.

The MyMilitaryOpens in a new window. service of the Finnish Defence Forces is your online service channel and guide throughout the conscription period. By logging in to MyMilitary, you can get instructions for preparing for the call-ups, or you can apply for voluntary military service for women, or manage other matters related to conscription.

How does NATO membership affect military service? Read more about the Finnish Defence Forces, NATO and conscription.Opens in a new window.

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Military and non-military service

Finnish men have an obligation for national service. Women may apply for voluntary military service.