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Divorcing or separating from your partner

When your relationship ends, it may seem like your life stops on its tracks. While going through it, you should also deal with practical matters related to issues such as finances, housing and your children’s affairs.  If you or your family feel that you are running out of strength, you should not delay asking for help.

This guide informs you about the issues you should consider when separating or getting divorced and where you get help if necessary.

Divorce or breakup and a threatening situation

If you experience an acute threat of violence or are the victim of violence, call the emergency number 112.

When you are thinking about ending your relationship

Before you start planning a divorce or breakup, consider whether the problems could be solved in some other way.

Information and support for when your relationship ends

When you have decided to end your relationship, you will have to plan practical matters related to your divorce or break up.

How do you file for divorce?

You can file for divorce from the district courts alone or together with your spouse.

What to do after a divorce or breakup?

After the divorce, you should remember to take care of your wellbeing as well as that of your children.