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At 18, you are most likely to be studying in a high school or a vocational school. In 2021, a legal reform raised the age of compulsory education increased to 18 years and secondary education after comprehensive school became compulsory. The reform mainly concerns people born in 2005 and beyond.

For students within the scope of the reform, upper secondary studies are free of charge, and students receive free learning materials from the educational institution. Other students remain subjects to certain fees. 

Additionally, you can file an application at Kela for

The school travel allowance is granted on various terms depending on whether you are entitled to free education or not.

If you intend to go on student exchange or work placement in the middle of upper secondary school or vocational studies, you may also receive student financial aidOpens in a new window.. However, check in advance whether you are entitled to student financial aid.

Use Kela's student financial aid calculator to check if and how much student financial aid you can receive.Opens in a new window.

Read more about student financial aid and housing benefit granted by Kela to students aged 18-19.Opens in a new window.

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