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Moving to your first own home

muuttaminen lapset uusi asunto

Many people move to their first own home at the age of 18. Municipalities and private landlords provide rental housing. More affordable student housing is available to students. You can apply for a general housing allowance from KelaOpens in a new window..

If you are already thinking about buying a home of your own, you should start saving. The state uses the ASP system to support young people when they are buying their first own home. Find out more about ASP loans and saving. 

See also Steps towards your own finances -guide (in Finnish)Opens in a new window.

When you move, submit a notification of move to Posti and the to the Population Information System.

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Renting a home

When renting a flat, you are expected to pay your rent as agreed, and a security deposit, or a rent guarantee, is often required as well.