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Welcome to adulthood!

Reaching adulthood is an important step that brings both new opportunities and obligations. When you turn 18, your guardian will no longer be able to manage affairs on your behalf. You can take care of many matters electronically, so the first thing you should do is to get an electronic identification means such as online banking codes. You will get the online banking codes from your bank. You should also enable Messages so that you will receive messages from the authorities electronically instead of paper mail. If you already have an electronic identification means, you can activate Messages

Adulthood also gives you rights. For example, you can get married and vote in many elections. If you don't know where to start, ask the One-Stop Guidance Center (Ohjaamo) for help. The One-Stop Guidance Center is a place where you can get help in matters related to work, education and everyday life.

Show your ID!

You can prove your identity with a passport or an ID card. You will also need an electronic identification so that you can access electronic services.


Remember to get the basics right first. Fund your studies with student financial aid and take advantage of the affordable student housing.

Towards employment

If you have graduated or are about to graduate for a profession, register as a jobseeker at the TE Office.

Moving to your first own home

You can rent an apartment from the private market or from municipalities. Student housing is provided separately. Submit a notification of move.

Managing your finances

Planning and monitoring your finances is a good idea. You can get started by listing your income and expenses.

Military or non-military service

All men aged 18 or over will receive an invitation to complete military service. Women may complete voluntary military service.

Personal well-being

Health services are available at the municipal health centre. Higher education students have their own health services.

Right to influence society

When you turn 18, you can vote and stand for election.