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Development work in early childhood education and care

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Our development work strives to strengthen, create and establish pedagogic operational methods, find ways of working together with other operators and develop the services in a way that allows them to meet the local residents’ needs even better than before.

The basis for this pedagogic development work is built on the valid pre-primary education curriculum, the early childhood education and care plan and the Act on Early Childhood Education and Care. The objective of developing services is to make service production more efficient while also diversifying the service structure so that the services can meet the needs of local residents even better than before.

The early childhood education and care providers in Vantaa also develop their operations through various projects. The ongoing development programmes reinforce, create and establish pedagogic methods. The early childhood education and care development programmes are carried out in cooperation with other bodies such as basic education, sports services, and culture services.

This development work is also implemented through various studies and thesis works. A research permit needs to be applied for studies and thesis work. This permit should determine the purpose and objective of the study, the methods and the research subject and schedule.

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