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Day Care Place Guarantee

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The city of Vantaa has a day care place guarantee that entitles the child to return to the same day care place after a temporary termination of day care.

Using the day care place guarantee is suitable, for instance, when a mother stays home with a newborn, and the older child is taken out of day care for the time, or if a parent is left unem-ployed and stays home with the child/ren. During the termination, you can apply for home care allowance from Kela.

The return to day care can take place in any month except for June and July because day care may be closed.

To whom and on what terms

Requirements for day care place guarantee:

- termination of day care continues uninterrupted for at least two months

- the child has been in day care for at least four months before the termination

- parents and the director of day care center make a written agreement about the termination

- a month before the termination of the contract period, the family has to make a written no-tification about the child's return to day care

- if the child returns to day care in August, the notification has to be made by May 31 at the latest

- if the day care place guarantee is continued, a new agreement will be made

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