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Use of Messages by an underaged child

There is no age limit for using Messages. Individuals under the age of 18 can start to use Messages themselves if they have personal tokens for strong identification, such as banking codes or a mobile certificate. 

A guardian can also act on behalf of their under-age child. In order for you to be able to use Messages on behalf of your under-age child, you must be the child’s legal guardian in the Population Information System. 

In some cases a person may not be able to act on behalf of a child. 

Follow the steps below when activating Messages on behalf of an under-age child:

  1. Log into using your own personal identification token. The Identification button is on the Messages page and in the top right corner of each page. 
  2. Activate Messages for yourself. 
  3. Go to acting on behalf of your child by pressing the “Act on behalf of another person” button. 
  4. Select the child on whose behalf you wish to act. After making the selection, return to the messages view and you will see that you are now acting on behalf of another person. 
  5. Start using Messages for your under-age child. 
  6. Accept the delivery of electronic messages and enter the email address where you want to receive automatic notification of messages that arrive for your child.

Detailed instructions for activating Messages.

Read more about this on the Acting on behalf of an underaged child page.

Updated: 1/12/2022