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Maternity and paternity leave

Read the web service Leave and benefits for the parents of small children and answer the given questions:

1. How long is maternity leave?

2. When does a mother begin their maternity leave?

3. How long is parental leave? 

  • a) 105 working days 
  • b) 158 working days 
  • c) 240 working days

4. How long is paternity leave?

5. How many days of paternity leave can be taken at the same time as the mother is on leave? 

  • a) 7 working days 
  • b) 18 working days 
  • c) 54 working days

6. Which of the following are included in the parental allowance? 

  • a) Paternity
  • b) Maternity
  • c) Parental
  • d) Child
  • e) Home care allowance

7. Until when is the child benefit paid?

  • a) Until the child turns 15 
  • b) Until the child turns 17 
  • c) Until the child turns 18

In-depth question:

  • Search online to find out what the maternity package provided by Kela contains (keywords: Maternity package). Provide at least three (3) examples of the content.

Updated: 17/8/2022