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Description of assignment

  • Description of assignment
  • OPS content and target areas: The assignment is related to final assessment criteria T4, T5 and T6. The purpose of the assignment is to deepen the pupil's knowledge of society (T4) and his or her own finances and spending (T8). The aim of the assignment is also to guide the pupil to examine civic activities and different organisations (T6), in this case from the perspective of families with children.
  • Time estimate for completing the assignment: about 30 min.

Search online for Kela's guide for families with children (keywords Kela + families with children) and answer the given questions on the basis of this guide. 

1. What is the percentage of earned income paid to families with children by Kela (such as sickness allowance, paternity allowance)?

  • a) approx. 30% of income 
  • b) approx. 50% of income 
  • c) approx. 70% of income

2. How much is the child benefit for a family’s first child per month? 

  • a) 94.88 euros / month
  • b) 104.84 euros / month
  • c) 133.79 euros / month

3. How much is the care allowance for one child under the age of 3? 

  • a) 65.09 euros / month
  • b) 101.29 euros / month 
  • c) 338.34 euros / month

4.  Parents may take parental leave. What options do parents have for taking parental leave?

Updated: 17/8/2022