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How to invalidate personal mandates

A mandate can be invalidated independently by the assignor who is aged over 18 and does not have a guardian.

If the assignor cannot independently invalidate mandates, the mandates can be invalidated in the mandate service provided by officials. Go to authorisation with an application

Follow these steps when you want to invalidate a mandate independently:

  1. Identify yourself in e-Authorizations.
  2. Select Personal mandates as the service role.
  3. On the Granted mandates page, you can see all assignees to whom you have granted mandates, and on the Received mandates page, you can see assignors from whom you have received mandates. 
  4. You can select one or more parties and invalidate all their mandates. When you click on a party's name, you can select individual mandates that you want to invalidate.
  5. Finally, click on the Invalidate button.

If you want to invalidate a large number of different mandates at one time, you can use the selection basket.

The invalidated mandates go to the Expired mandates page, where they are displayed 15 months after the expiration date. The assignee will not be notified that the mandate has been invalidated, so you must notify them of this where necessary.

Updated: 8/12/2022