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Granting mandates as a person

A person aged over 18 can authorise another party to manage their affairs if the person in question has a Finnish personal identity code or a valid foreigner’s identifier (UID) and the person uses the Finnish Authenticator application. Persons placed under guardianship have certain restrictions related to authorisations. Read more about how guardianship affects one's mandates and acting on behalf of other peopleOpens in a new window..

The guardians of a person aged under 18, who have been entered in the population register, can jointly authorise each other or a person of their choice to manage the minor’s matters on their own. If the child has a non-disclosure for personal safety reasons, mandates can be registered based on an application in most cases.

When the mandates have been granted, the person, company, association or other organisation (the assignee) that received the mandate can, in services that use e-Authorizations, handle the matters of the person who granted the mandate. You can grant as many mandates as you wish and to as many parties as you wish. 

Another person, company, or organisation may also ask you for a mandate for transactions, in which case you grant the mandate by approving a mandate request.

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Updated: 26/2/2024