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Support for considering studying

Consider studying or renewing your competence if it is difficult to find work with your current education or work experience. 

Nowadays, there are many different options for developing professional competence. You do not need to study for years, but you can supplement your skills by completing a part of a degree or taking courses that meet the needs of employers. 

You can ask the TE Office or your municipality's employment services for vocational guidance or access to a training trial.

If you are under 30 years old, the One-Stop Guidance Centre will help you with issues related to studies.

Updated: 4/5/2023

Studying at the age of under 25

You have to apply to study, if 

  • you are under the age of 25
  • you have not completed a qualification after comprehensive school or general upper secondary school.

Only by applying for training will you retain the possibility of receiving unemployment benefit. Read more on the Apply to study page.

Even if you have a job or are aware of, for example, apprenticeship training or military service, you must still apply for two study places in the spring. Otherwise, you are not entitled to the unemployment benefit if you become unemployed when you are under 25 years of age.

Apply for a study place in the Studyinfo service.Opens in a new window.

When you receive a study place and accept it, you will receive student financial aid and other study benefits. 

Check out the Livelihood and social assistance of students page on 

Updated: 26/4/2022

Strengthen your competence while on unemployment benefit

You can supplement your competence, for example in labour market training or by studying part-time. You can participate in labour market training or study part-time at the same time as you receive unemployment benefit. 

Always talk to the TE Office or a municipal expert before starting your studies.

Updated: 27/4/2022

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Study while on unemployment benefit

In certain cases, you may have the opportunity to study a new degree or parts of it at the same time as you receive unemployment benefit. This is often referred to as self-motivated studies while on unemployment benefit. The studies may aim at completing an entire degree or be short-term studies lasting less than 6 months.

Do not start the studies until you have discussed the matter with the expert in the TE Office or your municipality.

Updated: 26/4/2022

Complete a degree with student financial aid

One of your options is to start studying for a degree as a student. A degree refers to a matriculation examination, an initial vocational qualification from a vocational institution or a higher education degree from a university of applied sciences, university or school of science.

Studies and unemployment benefit - Opens in a new window.

If you accept a study place, you become a full-time student. After this, you will no longer be an unemployed jobseeker, and you will not be eligible for unemployment benefit. Instead, you can apply for student financial aid from Kela. 

Check out the Livelihood and social assistance of students page on 

Updated: 26/4/2022

Study with an apprenticeship

An apprenticeship means that you conclude a fixed-term employment contract with the employer. During your employment relationship, you will complete a vocational qualification or modules of it. 

The qualification may include studying at an educational institution or studying remotely a few days a month.

An employer who hires an unemployed person for apprenticeship training can apply for a pay subsidy for the salary costs from the TE Office. You should mention this possibility to employers when looking for a suitable apprenticeship.

What is an apprenticeship? - Opens in a new window.

Updated: 23/2/2024

Studying while on rehabilitation allowance

If you have a rehabilitation decision issued by Kela or a pension provider, you may have the opportunity to study at the same time as you receive rehabilitation allowance.

Read more on the page Right to rehabilitationservices in this guide.

Education as rehabilitation - Kela.fiOpens in a new window. 

Updated: 27/4/2022

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