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Vocational guidance and career planning

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The vocational guidance and career planning services provide assistance in thinking about different education and career choices and in clarifying plans in different stages of your life. When you get to speak confidentially with a TE administration psychologist who is specialised in education, career and the related changes, and in the discussions you will be heard and your matters will be made a ...

Do the following

Book an appointment for personal services from the TE Office or local government pilot. See the details of the appointment on the website of your region's TE Office or local government pilot.

You can book an appointment electronically for national telephone or video guidance. You can also call a career guidance number during service hours without an appointment.

To whom and on what terms

You can participate in vocational guidance and career planning if

  • you have sufficient knowledge of Finnish or Swedish,
  • you are a person of working age or completing comprehensive school,
  • you are contemplating vocational choices and career-related questions, and
  • you want help in clarifying your plans.

In order to receive a service, you do not need to be a job seeker in TE Services. Some TE Offices or local government pilots may have guidance available also in other languages and, if necessary, with the help of an interpreter.

The preconditions for telephone guidance are adequate hearing and the ability to talk about your situation. In order to participate in video guidance, you must have a device for a visual connection and a sufficiently fast internet connection.

The service is free of charge.

The service is provided by

TE Office

Other responsible organisations

Pohjois-Savo TE Office, Häme TE Office, Varsinais-Suomi TE Office, Pohjanmaa TE Office, Keski-Suomi TE Office, Kaakkois-Suomi TE Office, Uusimaa TE Office, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa TE Office, Etelä-Pohjanmaa TE Office, Lapland TE Office, Pohjois-Karjala TE Office, Etelä-Savo TE Office, Pirkanmaa TE Office, Kainuu TE Office, Satakunta TE Office

Responsible for the service

TE Office
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Updated: 8/8/2023