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What to do?


Supporting employment

Ask about pay subsidy

Discuss with an expert at the TE Office or your municipality's employment services whether you are eligible for a pay subsidy. If the expert is in favour of a pay subsidy, mention to the employers that there is a possibility to receive financial support for your employment. You can also request a pay subsidy card from the expert or print it from the E-Services.

Updated: 29/4/2022

Discuss the subsidy for arranging working conditions

If an employer is interested in hiring you but would have to purchase special aids or make other changes or arrangements to the workplace, they can apply for a subsidy for arranging working conditions from the TE Office.

Kela can also arrange assistive devices for your work as vocational rehabilitation.

Updated: 29/4/2022

Consider a work trial

Ask an expert at the TE Office or your municipality if you could use a work trial to find a way back to work. You can find the workplace for the work try-out yourself or ask if the expert can arrange it.

If you start a work try-out and you are eligible for a pay subsidy, tell the employer about the subsidy. Pay subsidy may help you to find employment in the work trial place after the work try-out.

Updated: 29/4/2022

Find job opportunities from the municipality and organisations

Municipalities offer work and work try-outs to people who have been unemployed for several years. Many organisations, parishes and non-profits, such as recycling centres and the Red Cross are also supported in employing the long-term unemployed. 

You can ask an expert at the TE Office or your municipality's employment services about open work try-outs and jobs in the municipality and organisations.

Updated: 29/4/2022

Ask about eligibility for rehabilitative work activities

You may be entitled to rehabilitative work activity if you have been unemployed for a long time. Rehabilitative work activities can improve your work ability and employment opportunities. You can start the work activities at workshop and continue there in a work try-out after the rehabilitative work activities.

Discuss the rehabilitative work activities with

  • the expert at the TE Office or your municipality of residence or
  • the expert at the employment or social welfare services in your wellbeing services county.
Updated: 4/5/2023

Ask about your opportunity for a multidisciplinary joint service

If necessary, the TE Office, your municipality or Kela may direct you to a multidisciplinary joint service that promotes employment.

You will benefit from joint services, especially if you have several problems that need to be solved before you can get a job. For example, you can start a work trial, vocational rehabilitation or rehabilitative work activity while your overall situation is being investigated. The aim of the activities is to move forward step by step in your situation.

Updated: 27/12/2022

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