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What to do?



What to remember when you are unemployed?

Apply for two study places

It's your job to complete a degree so you can get a job in the future. You cannot receive unemployment benefit if you do not apply for two study places in the spring for which you meet the selection criteria. 

Find information on education and training options and apply for study places in in a new window.

Register as a jobseeker

Register as a jobseeker at the latest on your first day of unemployment or lay-off. Also register as a jobseeker if you are working part-time or on-demand and intend to apply for unemployment benefit.

Apply for unemployment benefit

Apply for the unemployment benefit from Kela or your unemployment fund once you have been unemployed or laid off for two weeks.

Actively search for jobs

In order to receive unemployment benefits, it is your duty to actively seek employment. You will receive support for job-seeking, especially at the beginning of unemployment and in the event of prolonged unemployment.

Report any changes

Notify the TE Office or your municipality's employment services and your unemployment fund or Kela if you take parental leave or move.

You can receive an unemployment benefit even if you are working

You can work part-time and on-demand and receive unemployment benefit.

Half of the pay for part-time or gig work is deducted from unemployment  security. Small-scale business operations also reduce income in the same way.

Apply for sick leave if necessary

If you are unemployed, you should also apply for sick leave and sickness allowance from Kela if you fall ill.

Find out about your right to rehabilitation

Find out whether you are entitled to vocational rehabilitation by your earnings-related pension company or Kela. You may also be entitled to other rehabilitation services provided by Kela or your wellbeing services county.

Study languages

Discuss with the expert at the TE Office or your municipality's employment services how you could study Finnish or Swedish.

Study new skills or a new qualification

Talk to the expert at the TE Office or in your municipality well in advance if you are considering starting studies. However, you can apply freely for labour market training offered by the TE Office. 

Consider becoming an entrepreneur

You can try entrepreneurship for four months with an unemployment benefit. You can also apply for a start-up grant for a year.

First, create a business planning path.Opens in a new window.

You will receive support for finding employment

Discuss with an expert at the TE Office or in your municipality whether you are eligible for a pay subsidy or a work try-out. You may also be eligible for rehabilitative work activities or multidisciplinary joint service.

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