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Business planner wizard

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When you are planning to set up your first business, you can check the things that you need to consider when running a company. In fact, you will find the planner wizard quite useful already before you start preparing your business plan. The planner wizard guides you through the process by asking questions on such matters as the products, customers, sales and financing of your enterprise.

Based on your answers, the business planner wizard will produce a checklist of the matters that you need to consider. Print out the checklist; you can use the list when you prepare your business plan.

You can go through the business planner wizard more than once to make sure that you have checked everything. However, remember that the checklist does not contain all the things that you need to consider. Make sure that you are familiar with each of the topics and that you know what it means to be a business operator.

Answer all the questions according to the current situation. You can go backwards in a stage and change your answers if you wish, but you can only move forwards one stage at a time because your answers could affect the questions in the following stages.