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Training trial

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A training trial allows you to familiarise with an educational institution and the content of a training that you are interested in.

Training trials are helpful if you have difficulties in choosing a professional field, and you would like to clarify your training plan before applying for education. During the training trial, you will receive a conception on the requirements set by the training and occupation in question. At the same time, you get to try whether the field suits you.

The content of a training trial is designed such that it suits the participant’s situation. You choose the educational institution in which the training trial is to be carried out. The TE Office will support you when you agree upon the training trial, its content and the instruction during the trial with the institution. You will get to follow classes and discuss matters related to studying with teachers and guidance counsellors. This helps you examine whether the field interests and suits you. If necessary, you will be provided with assistance in planning your use of support services for studying.

The maximum duration of a training trial is 10 days at a time. Training trial periods may be organised several times depending on the customer’s needs.  The trials are organized either as individual or group services. The provision of feedback and possible reporting of absences is agreed upon with the educational institution.

An unemployed jobseeker may receive increased unemployment benefit for the duration of the training trial.

Training trials are organised through Kela as well.

Do the following

Jobseekers who have registered with the TE Office and customers of the vocational guidance and career planning services may agree upon a training trial with a TE Office expert or psychologist.

  • You can send a contact request to an expert in the TE Services’ E-services for personal customers.
  • If you are a career guidance customer of the TE Office’s psychologist’s services, you can agree upon a training trial with your psychologist.

To whom and on what terms

Training trials organised by the TE Office are intended for customers of the TE Office. Customers of Kela’s vocational rehabilitation apply for a training trial through Kela.

The service is free of charge.

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Updated: 7/5/2020