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Self-motivated study subsidised with an unemployment benefit

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As a customer of TE Services, you may be entitled to an unemployment benefit, also known as unemployment security, for independent full-time studies. Independent studies mean taking part in education provided by an educational institution. Student selections should also be decided by the educational institution. In other words, the training is not provided by the TE Office or local government pilo ...

Do the following

When you are planning to study independently, contact an expert of the TE Office or local government pilot by submitting a contact request in the E-services of TE Services, for example. You will have to agree on the studies in the employment plan drafted with the expert before the commencement of your studies. The expert will assess your educational needs and the significance of studies for your employment.

You may receive unemployment security for studies you started earlier if at least a year has passed from the disruption of your studies, or if your studies started during a period when you received financial benefits paid by the employer, or if you started the studies as vocational labour market training.

When you receive a student place, ask the educational institution to fill in the form The education provider’s statement on planned studies. Fill in the form Arguments for a need of training, and submit the completed forms to the TE Office or local government pilot. Once the TE Office or local government pilot has received the forms, it makes a decision on supporting studies.

As a student receiving support, you have to report to the TE Office or local government pilot on the progress of your studies, for example. If the TE Office or local government pilot and the party paying the unemployment security do not receive the information they require, your entitlement to an unemployment security may expire, and you may have to pay back the security already paid to you.

Notify the TE Office or the local government pilot of the temporary discontinuation of studies. Notify as soon as possible, as you will be spending your support time until you inform them of the interruption. Dropping out of studies requires a valid reason, such as long-term work, long-term sick leave or family leave. For example, a holiday period of the educational institution is not considered a valid reason. An expert of the TE Office or local government pilot will consider the validity of the reason you presented. Remember to inform the TE Office or local government pilot also when your studies continue after a temporary break.

If you have been absent from your studies without an acceptable reason, you will no longer be entitled to unemployment security.

To whom and on what terms

You can receive unemployment security for independent studies only if an expert of the TE Office or a local government pilot assesses that

  • you need training,
  • the studies would significantly improve your chances of finding employment, and
  • the studies are the best way to promote your employment.

In addition

  • you must be a job seeker in TE Services,
  • you may be paid unemployment benefit during your studies if the conditions of the Unemployment Security Act are met,
  • you must be at least 25 years old, and
  • the studies must meet the criteria applicable to them.

When independent study with unemployment security has begun, please note that you also have certain obligations. You must

  • participate in teaching,
  • progress in studies, i.e. gain an average of 5 credits per study month in higher education studies, and in other studies, proceed in accordance with the education or study plan,
  • report the progress of studies as agreed with the TE Office or the local government pilot,
  • notify the TE Office or the local government pilot if the studies do not proceed as planned, are interrupted or discontinued, or you start full-time work that lasts over two weeks,
  • notify the completion of studies,
  • present a certificate of completed studies at the request of the TE Office or local government pilot, and
  • apply for work as agreed in the employment plan.

The obligation to apply for work for persons completing independent studies is recorded in the employment plan and determined as agreed.

The number of job opportunities applied for, in studies lasting over one month and the length of the review period, depend on whether you have already completed education that provides professional skills after comprehensive school or upper secondary school. If you have not completed the aforementioned education, the obligation to apply for work is determined on a reduced basis, i.e. as a rule, the employment plan must include three month review periods for the duration of your studies, during which you must apply for three job opportunities.

If you already have a degree that provides professional skills, the employment plan will, as a rule, include three review periods lasting a month, during which the job seeker must apply for four job opportunities.

If the studies last for a maximum of one month, the obligation to apply for work is determined, in principle, in full.

If you are studying literacy studies full-time, you are not required to apply for work during the training in question.

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Updated: 7/8/2023