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The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority


Alternative name FCCA

Wellfunctioning markets, more informed consumers

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority ensures as fair and efficient market performance as possible for the benefit of the national economy and consumers.

The Consumer Ombudsman, who works in conjunction with the FCCA, enforces compliance with consumer protection legislation, with particular focus on marketing and contract terms. The FCCA provides consumers and companies with information and instructions that prevent problems in advance.

The FCCA intervenes in cartels and mergers to avoid detriment to customers, such as higher prices or poorer quality. The FCCA also ensures that public bodies do not exploit unfair competitive advantages arising from their position in their business, thus crowding out their more efficient competitors in the market or preventing market renewal. The FCCA additionally ensures that our common tax revenue is used as efficiently as possible by monitoring that public procurement is subjected to transparent and equitable competitive tendering.

FCCA’s versatile expertise is based on research and market knowledge. Supported by our analyses, decision-makers are able to take into account the impacts of different policies on market performance and the position of consumers and companies.

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