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The Consumer Advisory Service provides the tools to solve problems, whether large or small, which consumers may face when buying a product or service. The consumer rights advisor may take up a matter for closer inspection if the legal grounds for doing so are valid, and act as a mediator between the consumer and the trader.

Consumer advisors

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Do the following

Consumer advisors help you with consumer disputes. To resolve your issue as quickly and effortlessly as possible, please proceed as follows:

  1. If you submit a complaint to a company, always start by contacting the company with which you made the purchase agreement. File your complaint with the company as soon as possible after noticing the problem and try to negotiate suitable compensation or some other solution. We recommend filing complaints in writing.

When making a complaint to a company, you can use the Complaint Assistant. ( Remember to submit the complaint to the company as well.

2. Contact the consumer advisors: If your complaint to the company is unsuccessful, contact the consumer rights advisors at a Local Register Office. Consumer rights advisors provide free guidance and mediation in disputes. Consumer advisors give guidance in Finnish and Swedish. Therefore persons wishing to consult an advisor in some other language must get an interpreter at their own expense.

The quickest way to contact an advisor is by telephone. Please have the documents related to the matter at hand when you call the Consumer Advisory Service.

The consumer advisors may also be contacted electronically with the online contact form.They will respond by telephone within about five working days. You will most likely receive a reply by a phone call. The caller ID starts usually with +358 29 or might show as an "Unknown Number".

To whom and on what terms

Consumer Advisory Services are for persons in the position of a consumer who have bought a product or service for themselves or their family and are paying for it themselves, and not charging it to a company.

The service is available to persons who are domiciled or habitually resident in Finland or another EU Member State or the EEA.

Consumer Advisory Services do not handle:

• Disputes related to transactions between private individuals

• Disputes between businesses

• Disputes between housing companies and residents

• Transactions related to financial instruments and shares

• Matters related to state or municipal services.

The service is provided by

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority

Responsible for the service

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
Text edited by: The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority
Updated: 8/3/2022