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Registration of travel service combination providers obligated to lodge a security

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Under the Act on Providers of Travel Service Combinations, traders providing travel services are required to lodge a security against insolvency for the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) in cases where the payment for travel is made in advance or the travel arrangements include carriage.

The trader will be registered in the FCCA travel guarantee register upon lodging a security. Travellers are reimbursed from the security for any payments made in advance in cases where the travel arrangements have been cancelled as a result of the trader’s insolvency. In cases involving insolvency, the FCCA will cover the return carriage of affected passengers and the reimbursement of any payments made.

The security obligation applies to both travel organisers and traders facilitating linked travel arrangements. The latter is a service entity in which travel services are purchased from different service providers.

The FCCA monitors the adequacy of the security lodged by the trader and each service provider must report its operations to the FCCA regularly; at least once a year and always immediately when changes affecting the security are expected.

Do the following

The Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority website provides information on registration in the FCCA travel guarantee register.

To whom and on what terms

The obligation to lodge a security and register shall be considered fulfilled when a trip (a combination of at least two travel services) lasts a minimum of 24 hours or includes an overnight stay, provided that:

  • you collect the reservation fee and/or final payment in advance
  • the travel arrangements include the carriage of passengers
  • you sell gift cards entitling the holder to purchase a travel service combination
  • you serve as a retailer for a travel organiser domiciled outside the EU/EEA

A fee is charged for the service.

Registered traders are charged an annual supervision fee. A separate invoice is sent for the supervision fee. The payment category is determined on the basis of the largest calculated security amount in the year preceding the year of payment.


Registration notices must be submitted to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority prior to beginning the sale of travel service combinations.

Processing time

The processing time for registration applications is 2-6 weeks. A properly completed application will speed up processing. Documents to be attached to the application must also be taken into consideration.

Period of validity

Registration is valid until further notice. A Notification of discontinuation signed by an authorised auditor must be submitted regardless of whether the trader is required to retain an auditor.

Background information

Act on Providers of Travel Service Combinations (921/2017)

Act on the Supervisory and Insolvency Protection Fee Provided by Providers of Travel Service Combinations (922/2017)

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Updated: 8/3/2022