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Student support

Read the page Income of higher education students and answer the questions:

1. What are the different forms of support that student financial aid is made up of. Select the correct options

  • a) Study grant
  • b) State guarantee for a student loan
  • c) Housing supplement 
  • d) Social assistance
  • e) Unemployment benefit
  • f) Child allowance

2. In addition to student financial aid, what support can you receive if you live in Finland?

  • a) Unemployment benefit
  • b) Housing allowance
  • c) Housing supplement

In-depth question:

  • In what situations can you receive social assistance from Kela? What are the conditions for receiving social assistance as a student?
  • You have worked alongside your studies. How will the salary earned from your work affect your study grant?

Updated: 17/8/2022