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Rental housing - learning materials

Description of assignment

  • During the assignment pupils learn rental housing and the related regulations. The assignment is suitable as a classroom assignment or it can be made into a larger assignment to be assessed together with the assignment on owner-occupied housing. The assignment can be completed either alone or with a partner.
  • OPS content and target areas: The assignment is related to the final assessment sections T4 and T8. The purpose of the assignment is to deepen the pupil's knowledge of society (T4) and his or her own finances and spending (T8). During the assignment, pupils also learn about the rights and obligations related to housing, so it is also related to final assessment criterion T3 on the functioning of the Finnish legal system.
  • Time estimate 30–45 minutes.

Rental housing

1. First, think about the benefits of rental housing either by yourself or with a pair. You can use a copy of a social studies textbook that covers rental and owner-occupied housing.

Next, read the instructions on rental housing in the web service and answer the given questions.

2. You're moving from your parents’ home for the first time, and you need a rental dwelling. How do I apply for a rental home? 

  • a) From a municipality
  • b) From a private landlord

3. What if you're a student? How can you get student housing? What are the benefits of student housing?

4. You're about to enter into a lease. Which three (3) issues are important to take into account when concluding the lease?

5. The landlord asks you for a security deposit. What does this mean?

6. What should you agree on with your landlord? Please provide a few examples.

7. Your friend needs help with a rental dwelling. Help your friend find the answers to their questions. Use the website!

  • a) There's mold in my rental dwelling. What can I do?
  • b) My rental apartment is about to undergo plumbing renovation. Can I claim a discount on my rent?
  • c) The landlord said he is allowed to enter my apartment. Does the landlord the right to do this?
  • d) I found a better rental dwelling. How can I terminate my current lease? In general, a lease is valid indefinitely.
  • e) In my future rental dwelling, the lease will be fixed-term. What does this mean?

Advanced assignment

Go to the website Renting a home, services Opens in a new window.and search for the instructions for getting rental housing in your municipality of residence. If your municipality does not have rental housing, you can search for rental housing in another municipality. 

  • a) Does the municipality have its own rental housing?
  • b) Where can I ask about rental housing?
  • c) Are there any conditions for getting rental housing?
  • d) Where can I search for apartments?

Updated: 17/8/2022