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How to grant mandates independently to manage your own affairs

Adults can authorise other people independently if they can identify themselves in electronic services. Persons placed under guardianship can also grant mandates with certain exceptions. Read more about the restrictions on persons placed under guardianshipOpens in a new window.. If independent authorisation is not possible, see the instructions on the Granting mandates if you are unable to use electronic services page.

When you want to grant mandates for transactions independently, do as follows:

  1. Identify yourself into e-AuthorizationsOpens in a new window. using online banking codes, a mobile certificate, a certificate card or the Finnish Authenticator application.
  2. Select Personal mandates as the service role.
  3. Select Grant mandates.

There are four stages to granting a mandate for transactions

Step 1: Choice of parties

When you grant a mandate, you act as the assignor. Your details will automatically be searched for in the Population Information System.

When you grant a mandate

  • to a person, who has a Finnish personal identity code, you will need their last name, first name or preferred first name and personal identity code. 
  • to a company or organisation registered in Finland, you will need the name or business ID of the company or organisation.

The person being granted the mandate may not be under 18. When you add the assignee’s information, the e-Authorizations checks that the name and personal identity code match and that the assignee is alive.

You can also grant a mandate to a company that is not registered in Finland, if at least one mandate has previously been registered for the company using the Mandate service provided by officials. To grant a mandate, you will need the VAT ID of the EU country or the national business ID of the country with which the previous mandate is registered. Please note that in the authorisation register the country code of the country of registration has been added to the start of the national business ID. Instructions for registering a mandate can be found on the Authorisation with an application page.

Step 2: Selecting mandate themes

Familiarise yourself with the mandate themes before granting mandates. 

When in e-Authorizations, search for mandate themes 

  • using search terms based on the name or description (such as pharmacy services, healthcare or car)
  • by the name or the web address of the e-service or organisation (such as Kela, My Kanta or 

You can expand the search by using more than one search term when adding them one by one. The list shows all mandate themes that include any of the search terms.

Searching for mandate themes, persons

You can select more than one mandate theme. To continue, you must select at least one mandate theme. 

If the mandate theme that you have selected includes a limiting specifier, you can limit the scope of the mandate to only apply to an individual property, department of an organisation, or contract. You should only use the specifier after you have received more detailed instructions on the e-service in which the mandate is intended to be used. Specifiers are not compulsory, and you may also grant a mandate without a specifier.

More information on the use of specifier

Step 3: Specifying the period of validity

A mandate must always have a start and end date. Please note that the dates are Finnish time. 

The mandate may be valid for a maximum of 25 years from the day on which it was granted.

Step 4: Mandate validation

You will receive a notification if the validity period of the mandates to be granted overlaps with previously granted mandates or you cannot grant the mandate to the person you have selected. You can delete the overlapping mandates or postpone their start date. The mandates that you cannot grant to the person you have selected will be deleted automatically.

Check mandate details:

  • You are the assignor.
  • The assignee is a person, company or organisation that can act on your behalf.
  • The mandate themes you have selected and the period of validity of the mandate are correct.

If you wish to change the details before the mandate is validated, you can go back over these steps.

The mandate you have granted becomes valid as from its start date when you have validated it.

Updated: 4/1/2024